Photo credits: Sigrid Liira

Kukkbook is the best cookbook ever because you are the author of it. 

 Kukkbook is one of a kind handmade notebook and has a carefully thought out and eye catching design. It is perfect for keeping all your precious cutout recipes and new, written ones in one secure place. 

 The Estonian name comes from the word Cook which sounds like the word rooster in Estonian. If you check out the cover then you can find that the rooster is a collage made out of recipes from old Estonian cookbooks. 

 The notebook contains 100 pages with dotted lines for writing recipes, 12 coloured paper pockets for cut out recipes, stickers to mark different types of food, and a conversion chart for measuring food. 

 Kukkbook has a hidden spiral binding and proper fastening so that everything inside will stay put, even when the notebook pockets are full of recipes.

 Have fun cooking!


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